Advantages of Acrylic Home Paint

As you can see above, throughout its history, acrylic paint has attracted the attention of many
painters and artists in different countries.
Fast drying: One of the most valued properties is its drying time. Because it dries quickly, a
second coat of paint can be applied within a few hours. Therefore, the artist does not need to
wait days to segment the work.
Odorless: Acrylic paint is water-based, so it does not give off strong, health-damaging smells. In
this way, painting can be done in any space, including indoors, without offering any risk to the
Durability: Research shows that acrylic has a great longevity, as proof of this, a large part of the
permanent collections of museums and art galleries is composed of acrylic paintings.
Flexibility: Possessing expansion and contraction capacity, acrylic paint does not create cracks
in the canvas or damage the work.
Resistance: The pigment in acrylic paint is highly resistant, being able to maintain itself for a
long time. The shine of this material also offers good resistance, including against the effects of
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Great adhesion: The high adhesion power of acrylic paint allows it to be applied on various
surfaces such as canvas, plastic, wood, metal, glass and even masonry.
Versatility: Acrylic paint can be used as a base for other painting techniques, can be applied
together with varnishes and other paint textures and can be handled with brushes, spatulas,
rollers and sponges.
Evaporation: Due to its ability to “transpiration”, acrylic paint does not accumulate moisture
and does not suffer from the action of mold.
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