Lighting is very important when choosing the color of your paint.

It is very important to see how color behaves in various types and intensity of
light, as it tends to change with lighting. Has it ever happened to you to buy a black
outfit and when you got home it was lead gray? Your wall is the same thing. After
choosing the type, finish and color of your paint, now you’re finally going to
buy. But how much to buy? The paints have written on the label the square footage
that the can covers, considering the tool you are going to use, brush roller, pistol…
Don’t forget to count the number of coats you will apply and also the doors and
windows. Always leave a safety margin and buy with a little to spare. Depending on
what you are going to paint, you will need a specific tool. Ceilings and walls can be
painted with rollers, brush or spray. Trims and details call for a brush, because they
give you more control over the situation. Flat surfaces are easier to paint with the
roller. Are you excited to paint a wall? Good luck, and get to work. Painting service for houses